They really do. In fact, they spend more time sleeping than doing anything else including eating and playing. What’s more, they really like to be comfortable when they sleep.
Watch them settle down on an old blanket, circling around and around until they get it just right, then plopping down. They will even pick out the best places they have found before and claim that part of the couch or that part of the carpet in front of the fireplace or that place on the bed as their own.
Happy is resting!
Now we all love our dogs and include them in most of our activities. We give them special food and treats to keep them healthy. Why not give Fido a special place to sleep? Our dog Happy has two beds, one upstairs in my office and one in the kitchen. She uses both of them every day as she moves from place to place.
If your dog gets his own bed and likes it, you will be able to keep your couch clean and sweet smelling, your bed made. And no more tripping over the dog when you head to the couch for some TV with snacks in hand. It also can make an old or injured dog more comfortable. It hurts to watch an old friend age and become feeble, hobbling around looking for some place soft that doesn’t require much effort to get onto. Even young dogs appreciate having that special bed that is theirs alone.

And when you travel, a bed can take some of the stress out of the trip for your dog by providing a familiar place to rest. Some beds also enhance the safety of the car ride with high sides and secure straps.
A good thing is that dog beds come in several categories so you can get just the right one for your faithful friend.