Indianapolis Colts NFL Team Dog Bowl

Indianapolis Colts NFL Team Dog Bowl

As a fan you can appreciate this Indianapolis Colts NFL Team Dog Bowl for the team spirit it demonstrates. Let your pooch show their loyalty to your favorite team each and every day.

Made of Stainless Steel with a large capacity, this would be a truly useful product even without the team message. The team and league logos are just gravy.

A fan of the Colts certainly wouldn't mind having this bowl in their kitchen. It is also a very practical product that all dogs need.

Dogs need bowls to eat from so it might as well carry a message as well.

 Pros and Cons  
Pros Cons
Easy cleaning and durable Stainless Steel bowl holds up to 32 oz. Check the size. It should be fine for most dogs but perhaps not big enough for really large breeds.
Officially licensed by the NFL.  
Measures 7-Inch in diameter and features a non-skid rubber bottom.