Plush Squirrel 3 Pack of Squeaky Dog Toys

Plush Squirrel 3 Pack of Squeaky Dog Toys

Dogs are rarely happier than when chewing up a squealing, furry little fake animal! Get the Plush Squirrel 3 Pack of squeaky dog toys for your pal today and the fun will start.

These are small palm-sized toys but even big dogs will like them. This item is made of durable soft material so they won't hurt your dog. Your dog will tear into this little plush squirrel
like a wild beast.

Keep your dog from chewing things they shouldn't by keeping her well supplied with squeaky toys.

This entertaing squealing toys don't cost much but they will keep your dog occupied and out of trouble!

 Pros and Cons  
Pros Cons
Dogs can't resist squeaks and squeals. Noises can be a distraction if your dog is really persistent!
Has fur a dog can tug at to get lots of exercise.  
This is a small toy of about 4 inches. Great for playing fetch.