Shark Dog Costume

Shark Dog Costume

A man eating fish has to be near the top of my list for classic Halloween costumes! This Shark Dog Costume is about the craziest thing your dog could wear for a Halloween gathering or just a walk around the block with your kids on the big night.

This is a plush blue and white jumpsuit complete with teeth that give the impression that your dog is being swallowed whole. Fifi should be quite comfortable in this outfit as long as she doesn't look in the mirror.

If you want to dress up your dog so they can participate in Halloween craziness, this costume is a great choice.

This is one of the lowest cost costumes but still looks good for the big night!

 Pros and Cons  
Pros Cons
This costume comes in 4 distinct sizes from Small to X-Large. As always, check the size chart. You may have to starch this or pad it to get it to look like the pictures.
This costume is among the lowest prices available.  
Comes complete with white shark teeth.