Wild Knots Bear Squeaky Dog Toy

Wild Knots Bear Squeaky Dog Toy

A true dog lover wants a happy dog and when is a dog happier than when chewing up a squealing, furry, floppy little fake animal? Get the Wild Knots Bear squeaky dog toy for your pup today and let the fun begin!

This one has knotted rope inside instead of stuffing so even if (I should say when) Fifi finally tears it apart there should not be a big mess.
While this is soft and cuddly on the outside the inner skeleton of knotted rope makes it both durable and strong.

If you don't want your dog chewing on your things, then you need to keep that pooch well supplied with squeaky toys.

This entertaining squealing toy won't put a big dent in the wallet but it will keep your dog properly occupied for hours on end!

 Pros and Cons  
Pros Cons
Makes noises dogs love. Noise can be irritating if your dog is persistent!
Has a knotted rope skeleton a dog can crunch to get lots of exercise.  
Comes in a variety of sizes for all dogs.