Sometimes, dogs like to just stretch out on the carpet or on the cool tile. But the majority of the time, they want and enjoy a comfortable bed the same way that their owners do.

You can find the perfect bed for your medium sized dog. These beds are not only comfortable for your pet, but they’re easy to take care of and long lasting as well. Get a dog a good bed and you can keep them off your bed!

Cuddle Cube Pet Bed

Some dogs don’t like bedding that rises up around them, so the ones with sides on them don’t work for these dogs. That’s why your pet might prefer the K&H Cuddle Cube Pet Bed.   This bed is a comfortable pillow style bed. It has a cover made of Berber material that’s easy to remove...
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Sofantex Pet Bed

Pet Bed for Medium Dog or Fat Cat

The Sofantex Pet Line Medium Size Pet Beds are good for Medium Dogs or Fat Cats and even has a cute paw print decoration on the front of the bed.   It’s extremely plush for extra fluffiness, but it’s also machine washable so taking care of the bed is easy.   If you have an...
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MidWest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed

Quiet Time Pet Bed

Because dogs also love to be outside, you want to give your pet something he can rest on while he’s outdoors rather than the ground or a hard deck. For that purpose, you can get him the Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed, which is great for him to use outside.   It can be put...
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