Dogs are a lot like children. They love toys

Dogs love toys! They really do. They can absolutely wear you out fetching but they can occupy themselves as well.

They just love things to play with. In times past, they might play with an old bone or perhaps a discarded shoe but today there are better options. However, there are many benefits in giving your dog the right toys to play with.

Dog with Amazon dog toys
Dog with a toy bone

Toys can serve at least four different purposes for your dog:

  • Relieving boredom
  • Learning
  • Need to Chew Safely
  • Having something of their own

You really need to decide what you want the toys for before buying. Also determine what the personality of your dog is before you you buy so you can get the right toys for him or her.

There are so many different varieties of toys on the market for dogs that it can often be quite difficult to know what to buy. We are here to help! Keeping in mind our four reasons dogs need toys, here are a few ideas.


✪ Relieving Boredom

Toys are essential if your dog is going to be left on it’s own for extended periods of time as they can become bored quite easily. Bored dogs can get into mischief.

A good toy can keep a dog amused for hours when they are younger and as they grow older they will have learnt to spend time on their own without fretting, digging up the yard or getting causing problems.

It’s a great way to stop your dog from getting into trouble while you are away and also to help stop them whining and barking if they are missing you.

Balls work here! Some dogs will take a favorite ball and “throw” it up in the air all by themselves and then chase it. If you have a hill in your back yard, a ball dropped at the top can do crazy things as your dog drops it at the top. You can find an ideal ball for your pooch in the Amazon dog toys Balls page.

Balls are also some of the lowest cost high quality toys you can get. Check these out.



✪ Learning

While most people think that dog toys are only to relieve boredom this is not the only use for these toys. Sure dog toys are excellent for relieving boredom and are especially good where you might have to leave your dog on it’s own for periods of time, but there are other reasons why you should consider buying your dog toys.

Some dog toys are designed to boost their intelligence where they will only get a reward after they have performed certain tasks. Food cubes are great toys to buy for almost any dog. They make your dog think before they can be rewarded with the food. These toys are a very effective method of training.



✪ Need to Chew Safely

All dogs love to chew, and you’ll find that most dogs’ toys are chewable.

Other toys help a dog to know what they can and can’t chew. By doing so you can save yourself a lot of expense by not having to replace expensive items throughout the house. It is amazing what can be destroyed at the teeth of your pet.

Some toys are designed to last for a short period of time and then they will be replaced by new ones. These are often the chewing variety.

Some toys of the chewing variety are flavored. You will need to check first to see what ingredients they have used for the flavoring. Make sure you are not buying a toy that your dog is allergic to. These toys with flavoring often have preservatives in them so beware.

There are various different options for the dog that likes to chew. Most of these are non-consumable items that your dog can chew on for hours. As the chew toy gets older you can simply throw it away. You can easily replace it with a new one because they are relatively inexpensive.

There are also toys in the Amazon dog toys Chew toys page. These will help your dog strengthen their teeth and keep them clean. There are also toys that will help teach your dog with retrieval training.




✪ Having Something of Their Own

Dogs may grow older but they never really do grow up do they? And if you have ever seen a dog with a bone, you know that dogs understand ownership. Just try to take that bone away. If your dog is very well trained you will keep your hand!

They will always get enjoyment out of having their own toys to play with. Many dogs also like to have their own possessions and a good toy is ideal to keep them satisfied.

Few things work better for this than toys that make noises like squeaky toys. Perhaps it makes a dog feel like a wolf who just completed a successful hunt. I guess we’ll never really know squealing small animal toys certainly bring out the beast in the mildest of dogs!


❇ When I was quite young we had a little poodle and she had one special toy that she loved dearly. Whenever we were going to leave the house for even an hour or two, my mother would make sure that Twinkle had her squeaky toy. When she misbehaved, my mother would take it away. It always seemed to work!




With such a wide variety of toys available on the market these days there is certain to be something that your dog will enjoy. A simple little thing like a toy can make their life all the more happy and satisfying. At the very least, it can certainly keep them happily occupied for hours.