✮ Introduction

Halloween is a special time of year and it is becoming more so every year. It is definitely my daughter’s favorite holiday and I have some fond memories of my childhood trick or treating myself.

My mother and father usually stayed home to hand out candy while the kids went from house to house collecting candy (times were more innocent back then). My mom almost always did something to decorate the dog. Choosing the best dog Halloween costumes was easy back then because there were none or at least very few.

Many years later when my kids were little, the whole family would take part in trick or treating. My wife and I would walk the kids around the neighborhood with our well costumed dog leading the way. It seems that women just can resist dressing up the dog!

If that’s you, you now have more options now than ever before for dog Halloween costumes.

Best Dog Halloween Costumes5 Classic Dog Costumes
The five costumes discussed below are classics for dogs! They are certainly leading candidates for the title of Best Dog Halloween Costumes. If you are at a loss for a good idea one of these just might be a good choice for your best friend.

✮ 5 Classic Dog Costumes

➽ Batman Dog Costume

#1 Batman Dog Costume
#1 Batman Dog Costume

The Caped Crusader rides again to help keep Gotham City safe from those who want to cause trouble. Maybe your beloved dog won’t exactly fight crime while wearing the adorable Batman dog costume. But he’ll certainly appear like he’s ready to!

There are many different options you can choose for superhero outfits. However, the Dark Knight stands out as one of the noteworthy best dog halloween costumes. It’s also one of the top rated ones. The sizing offered for this costume is for small, medium or large dogs.

Make sure you still measure your pooch to see which size you should order. This way you can make sure that it will fit comfortably around your dog. It should be between 14 and 18 inches. This way you’ll be able to tell if it will fit your hound. A pet’s weight and height can vary so much in each category.

The material of the costume is made from 100% polyester and with the exception of the breastplate and belt, it’s made with dark colors. So it’ll stand up well throughout the Halloween festivities. If you want to wash it, you’ll want to hand wash, since it’s not ideal for the washing machine.

This halloween costume depicting the brave hero, Batman, is a four piece costume. When you buy this for your pet, you’ll get the main jumpsuit piece. This component of the costume is black and features the wide yellow gold utility belt like Batman wears on his costume.

After the belt and the jumpsuit, you also have the cape. If yours is a large dog, the cape that goes along with this costume flows pretty well around the dog. To keep the cape on the dog, it comes with narrow string ties that tie around the dog’s chest. This way they remain out of his reach so he can’t chew on them.

To finish off this Batman dog costume, there are the well known pointed ears. The headpiece that secures the ears is variable, so it can easily fit the head of small to large dogs. You can tighten the headpiece using the ties that are attached at the bottom of this piece of the costume.

On the front of the jumpsuit is the well-known Batman logo, which will fit your dog across the chest area. This costume slips on comfortably and isn’t restrictive, which will allow your dog to go about his business as usual. Another good thing about this costume is that it leaves the dog’s feet free of any material, so when you must walk the dog, that won’t be a difficulty for him.

I personally have always felt the the Batman costume was right up there among the best dog halloween costumes.


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➽ Shark Dog Costume

#1 Shark dog costume
#1 Shark dog costume

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, here comes Fido! Every now and then, a costume is created that you are sure was meant to be worn by your dog – and the Shark costume for dogs is among those must-haves.

It’s brilliantly designed and so startling to see on a dog that people won’t be able to get enough of it because it mimics a shark walking around on land. Even if you have a tiny pooch, he’s going to look like he’s big and mean when he’s wearing this king of the sea shark costume for dogs.

Now if you have a large dog, you can’t get this particular outfit, because it’s not meant to fit dogs that are bigger than a medium sized pet – but for all other sized dogs, it’s the perfect fitting costume. There are other models to suit the bigger dog.

The fastenings on the costume fit under the dog’s chin, one under the stomach, and are both quick and easy to open or close – so you can get your dog dressed or take off the costume in the blink of an eye.

The costume is constructed of long lasting polyester, so it will be around for some time – but if you choose to clean it, you can’t hand wash or throw it in a washing machine – you must clean it with a damp cloth.

There are two pieces that come along with this costume. One is the body, which makes up the majority of the material for the outfit – but it’s the headpiece of this shark costume for dogs that really grabs attention.

Just like a real shark, this costume has the beady black eyes that will send a chill down your spine. These teeth are made of foam so they’re safe to have on and around your dog and they won’t scratch or cut him.

The body of the dog shark costume is lightly padded foam and features the middle fin that has struck fear in the hearts of many people through the years. The tail of the costume is also lightly padded and big enough that it hangs slightly off the dog, which helps to give the Hammer Head shark the hungry and lean appearance.

The color of the Hammerhead Shark Dog Costume is, naturally, shark gray and has the white underbelly with horrible black shark eyes. The length and girth of the costume is 15 by 18 inches and the weight is under 10 ounces.



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➽ Headless Horseman Dog Costume

#1 Headless Horseman dog costume
#1 Headless Horseman dog costume

If you think outside the box, discovering an outfit for your pet that’s remarkable and funny will be easy. To get a terrific outfit, remember back to a popular legend turned hit movie that you most likely heard growing up.

There’s a legend of a Headless Horseman that’s frightened kids and adults alike from the very first time it was whispered throughout villages. Though the famous bridge and the events in the story aren’t real, the Headless Horseman dog costume is well patterned after one of the spookiest stories ever told.

In this dog Headless Horseman costume, your pet will look like he’s right in the middle of the Sleepy Hollow tale. Though some pet outfits are just suitable for smaller types, this one will fit bigger pet dogs like a Labrador because it has an adjustable harness for different size dogs.

Whether your dog weighs 70 pounds or he weighs 50 pounds, you’ll get the perfect fit. The outfit won’t annoy your family pet, either. It’s designed in a manner that it won’t hinder your animal’s ability to consume or to go to the bathroom.

It’s so comfy, Fido will forget he’s wearing it. Due to the open style, it slips on quickly with no fuss for you or your animal. You can have him prepared to go in just seconds. It’s the best pick for the family pet that does not want to sit still for too long.

The Headless Horseman Dog Costume has two wide, flexible comfortably fitting straps that comprise the harness. The width of the straps assists to keep the outfit in location. Among the straps fits snuggly around the canine’s tummy and the other around the upper chest location.

The Headless Horseman part of the outfit is a figurine seated atop a blue and brown saddle like it was sitting on a horse. The figurine is worn the style of clothing used in the time the story of Sleepy Hollow was written and includes the cape on the back of the figurine.

The head of the figurine is of course the frightening pumpkin head the Headless Horseman used to knock Ichabod Crane from his horse. The pumpkin head is sculpted into a frighteningly mad expression that’s perfect for Halloween jaunts.

The dog Headless Horseman costume measures 9.5 by 3.5 and weighs just over 3 ounces. When your canine wears this outfit and your next-door neighbors see exactly what he’s dressed up as, they’ll all have a great laugh!



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➽ Superman Dog Costume

#1 Superman dog costume
#1 Superman dog costume

When it’s time for trick or treating, you want to have your pet dogs to be able to get their fair share of all the puppy treats! For that, you’ll need to buy a halloween outfit for your furry friend. There are a lot of halloween costumes for your pet that are so cute and the Superman dog halloween outfit is certainly one of the best dog halloween costumes you can purchase just in time for Halloween.

Your dog will enjoy being part of the fun in this cute halloween outfit. Faster than a speeding bullet, this costume for halloween will have your dog becoming the center of attention. You’re going to want to investigate the sizes when getting costumes for family pets – especially the neck area.

You want your four legged friend to be comfortable. The neck girth for this little superhero-to-be halloween outfit can easily be worn by dogs with a neck size up to 8 1/2 inches in diameter. You’ll wish to measure your dog to be certain.

When you get the costume, the first thing you’re going to notice (besides how cute it is) is all of the details the halloween costume has in it. When your family pet slips his feet into the front paw part of the halloween costume, it will seem that he’s a furry superhero standing up, just waiting for a treat!

The front paws of the halloween outfit have a little bit of gathering prior to flaring out, so that means they’ll stay in place on his legs rather than sliding under his paws so he won’t end up stepping on the halloween costume.

The costume has the red underwear portion like the real Superman wears. It also comes with the yellow belt made as part of the costume for halloween. The center of the chest is the blue background with the Superman “S” logo. The “S” is large enough to be easily visible. The front arms of the costume are padded, so they’ll protrude like your dog is a mini person with arms.

The back of the halloween costume opening is roomy, so there won’t be a hassle to get your family pet in or out of it. The opening is gathered with tough elastic for long-term strength no matter how many times you put or take the halloween outfit off of your family pet.

The red cape is attached to the rear of the halloween outfit. When spread out, it comes a little more than halfway down the dog’s back. The halloween costume is crafted from tough polyester that can last for many wearings. You’ll find a storage bag along with it so that you can keep it safely stored to use again.



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➽ Triceratops Dog Costume

#1 Triceratops dog costume
#1 Triceratops dog costume

There’s a dog halloween costume that will make you swear you’re watching a dinosaur. It’s the Triceratops dog costume.

Even though it’s funny, your pet will be the toughest looking pet in the neighborhood with this headgear on. The tough part isn’t surprising when you know that this particular dinosaur was the longest lasting of the dinosaur age.

When it comes to capturing that look, this costume is most definitely ranks among the best dog Halloween costumes of all time. You’ll see that the design on the material is made to resemble the skin of a real triceratops if you’ll carefully inspect the outfit.

The material has small, intricately patterned designs that give the costume outfit the appearance of tiny scales. The material also looks reflective so it’ll be easy to spot your pet in the evening.

The face of the costume outfit is wide, but curved. This is so that the center piece of the headgear angles downward toward the dog’s nose. The wide expanse leaves plenty of room for your pet to be able to see clearly as he’s walking or running.

The rear of the headpiece has the curved ridges running all the way around to the bottom of the outfit. On the top of the outfit, there are three long white horns. The smaller of the three is fastened in the middle between the dog’s eyes.

The costume outfit is a relaxed fit, so dogs will not mind having it on. We know that all dogs shake their heads. There’s a velcro strap at the bottom of the halloween outfit that you can use to secure the headpiece. The velcro fits beneath the dog’s chin, so it won’t prevent him opening or closing his mouth.

One thing about this halloween outfit is that it has the look of an extremely expensive piece. But it’s not. The sizing of the halloween outfit is made for most any sized dog. It measures 14.5 by 11.5. The weight of the costume outfit is 4 ounces.



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✮ Best Dog Halloween Costumes – Conclusion

If you are having a hard time deciding on your favorite pooch’s Halloween costume this year, consider these! You simply can’t go wrong with these five classic dog costumes. Choose one and you’ll have a load of fun on Halloween night watching the reaction people have over your pet dog’s costume. And if these classics don’t float your boat, Amazon.com has a huge selection of different dog costumes.