Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Everyone should get to participate in Halloween.
Everyone, including dogs!

Outfit your pooch for Halloween in perhaps the cutest dog costume in the whole world, this version of a Wonder Woman Dog Costume will surely melt your heart.


This costume looks great on any size dog whether it be your puppy or your german shepherd. When anyone comes to your door they will coo and sigh and say “Awwww!” over and over again.

Best Features

Besides being absolutely adorable, the Wonder Woman Dog Costume is well made. Whether you want to wear it one year or five, this costume holds up great. The material is stretchy and fairly comfy for your favorite furry friend. The colors are also very vibrant and don’t look like it is printed. The sizes range from small to extra large so that every dog can be wonder woman.

What’s Included

When you purchase this costume you get the dress and the headband. This dog is adorable but unfortunately is not included in the package so you will have to supply your own dog!

Pros and Cons for the Wonder Woman Dog Costume

✓ Pros

-This costume is much higher quality than the ones you will find in the big box stores. The costume will hold up well even for the craziest furry monsters. It is stretchy so I don’t have to worry about it scratching my dog or her wanting to tear it up because she’s uncomfortable.

-It fits perfectly around their back and doesn’t hang down too long and interfere with their walking.

✕ Cons

-Sometimes dogs just don’t feel like dressing up and since you have to get her front legs in there, it can be a little bit of a struggle to put on if you have a squirmy dog.

-Once it is on, however, it’s going to be okay. It’s just that getting it on in the first place can prove to be a little bit of a fight.

xxxxxLet’s be honest, we all want to have the best costumed dog of all this Halloween. This outfit can help your pet get that award for being the cutest dog in the neighborhood. It is absolutely adorable plus it’s stretchy and comfy enough that your dog won’t mind being put in this costume one bit after it’s on.

More Choices

✯ For a Smaller Dog

Chihuahua Wonder Woman

Smaller dogs need to have fun at Halloween too!

This Wonder Woman Dog Costume for really small dogs is ideal for your Chihuahua or other small dog. She’ll look like a world beater in this smaller version of a Wonder Woman outfit. Being just a cape, it will work for even a teacup sized pup.

Our little dog is a very tiny Maltese and this might be the perfect costume for her this Halloween. The kids, especially the very little ones, just love to see a dressed up dog!

✯ 8 More Possibilities for Daisy!

Here are 4 more choices for this Popular Dog Costume. Surely one of these would look good on your best friend!


Final Verdict

Your best furry friend is going to look amazing this Halloween if you choose one of these outfits!

Whether your pooch standing guard at the door with you or you’re taking her trick or treating with you and the kids, this Wonder Woman Dog Costume is perfect. You’ll get plenty of compliments from friends and neighbors about how cute she looks.

Please hesitate a moment longer. The costume is very reasonably priced and will sell out quickly! Get it while you still can. I definitely would not hesitate to purchase this again. Get your Wonder Woman Dog Costume at Amazon.com today.

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