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Sit Bob!

Sometimes simple is best. Almost all dogs are taught at least one command and I would bet that command is “Sit!” for most dogs.


Some years ago we had a huge back yard that backed up to a creek and we would get lots of snakes, including Water Moccasins, and other undesirables like the moles that leave scars on the yard. My children were young and we worried about their safety until we got Bob from the local shelter. He was a large Springer Spaniel with a bad disposition for unwanted visitors, especially snakes, and he kept our yard safe.

But when he got out of the yard, which luckily was not often, he could be a problem. You never knew exactly what he would do and he did not respond well to commands once he got excited.

One day I was working in the garage and Bob was keeping me company. Suddenly he spotted some movement in the front yard and he took off out of the garage ready to attack whatever that was. Without thinking, I yelled “Bob – sit!”. And he did.

Over time I learned that “Sit!” was the only command that always worked. He would stop from a dead run and wait for me to come get him. It was the first command he learned as a puppy when we selected him at the local pound as a rescue Dog and it stuck with him.

I have since tried “Sit!” on a dog that was charging towards me and our Maltese, Happy, and while the dog did not stop and sit, it did become very confused and broke off the attack.

So next time you have an out of control dog on your hands, try “Sit!“. It might just work for you too.

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