We Get the Dog – We Forget the Training

One of the things most overlooked when buying or rescuing a dog is dog obedience training. We research the type of dog we want, the breed of dog we want, the place the dog will sleep so it will be a Well Rested Dog and what the dog will eat. We even decide what dog toys and treats we will buy so the dog is happy when we get it home.

Even with all that thought and planning, we rarely think about how the dog will behave and how we will deal with misbehavior.

I think it is fair to say that no one wants to beat their puppy for peeing in the living room, chewing a couch pillow, jumping up on your guests or eating the laces on one of your shoes. The list of unacceptable things your puppy may do is endless.

I believe that most of us want to be the ideal “parent” for this new puppy and rolling up newspaper to punish the dog is not something we want to do. Putting the dog in the back yard in nasty weather is also not a solution. Punishment of any kind is not the best way to treat your new best friend. If you treat your dog badly, she is not going to want to behave or show you any respect.

And don’t even think about sending a misbehaving dog to the pound! Within minutes of first meeting your puppy, that little dog becomes a family member for life. Your significant other or your children would rather you go to the pound.

It is a much better idea to plan ahead of time on how you will humanely teach your dog to learn the way you want him or her to behave. You will save yourself a load of angst and a loss of self esteem in the process. Your dog also benefits by knowing the proper behaviors that please you. Well done dog obedience training can make life better for you and your dog!

One of the easiest ways to improve the life of your dog is to take the Free Dog Obedience Video Course offered by The Online Dog Trainer, also known as Doggy Dan. He is one of New Zealand’s most trusted and knowledgeable dog experts and he can show you how to train your dog so he or she actually wants to do the right thing.


The Online Dog Trainer – Doggy Dan

There’s no denying the fact that when you have a dog, he is part of the family – playing with a dog can be extremely fun, but to get the most out of your relationship with your dog, it is important that you offer them the happy life they deserve and make sure you are fully committed to properly training them. Their natural behavior and how we need them to behave many times, is miles apart – effective training and proper socialization is necessary.

Many of us are simply dog lovers, not professional experts, and that is where the problem comes into play. Just as having a kid, when you have a dog, it doesn’t come with easy to follow instructions.

So, what are we to do in order to make sure we raise and train out dog properly? You might just find this answer in our review of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Course – in this review, we are going to be completely honest with you – this is our uncensored and unbiased opinion.

Doggy Dan is a well-known professional dog trainer and behaviorist. Doggy Dan has developed a useful online dog training program. Yes, there are many other dog training programs available on the Internet, but none of them are quite like this one – this one is unique within itself. It consist of 250 videos and looking through them, we feel as if they cover every possible behavioral or training issue that comes to mind.

⦿ The New Zealand SPCA has Endorsed Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Program

Looking at Dan’s online dog training product, you will find that the Royal New Zealand SPCA has placed a stamp of approval on it. You’re not going to find a higher endorsement for a dog training program like the Royal New Zealand SPCA.

In fact, jumping over to the NZ SPCA homepage, you will find that they are actively promoting the training program. They do this, because they understand that when an adopter adopts from their rescue, the individuals will be less likely to return their dog and more likely to successfully train their dog properly if they follow Dan’s program. It’s almost like giving an instruction pamphlet with the dog.

⦿ Over 250 Videos

We’d like to elaborate a bit more on the videos. Looking at other dog training sites online and comparing them with The Online Dog Trainer, we find that there is more content and the site is very easy to browse.

The 250+ videos cover everything from house training a puppy to stopping excessive barking, from keeping your dog calm during a car ride to treading food aggression in dogs. By following Dan’s course, you will be able to learn how to improve your puppy’s life from the get go. It even teaches you how to correct behavioral problems in older dogs.

Seriously, when we tell you that everything is covered in over 250 short, and easy to watch training videos, we’re not joking.

In addition to reaching out and showing you exactly what you need in order to train your dog the right way, he expertly explains the theory and psychology of everything he does – this way, you will be able to understand exactly “why” this helps the dog.

⦿ Video Footage Comes from Real Life

What’s really cool about this video footage is the fact that it comes from Dan’s real life consultations for real people and their dogs. During this time, you will get to see everything from Dan’s arrival and what he did in order to resolve the issues at hand. You will even have the opportunity to watch his interview with the dog owner, where he discovers the nature behind the behavior problem, then from there, you will witness what he does in order to stop it. He clearly describes the way the dog views things, why they do what they do, then he explains what he plans on doing (and why) in order to fix the problem. The videos take place right in the owners home – it’s a lot like watching the shows from Cesar Milan.

⦿ The Problems are Solved on Camera

               Little girl training her dog

When it comes to the training or behavior problem you’ll be able to find a matching video to watch that will solve the problem you are currently facing with your own dog. From what we can tell and from what we have read, there are no mock ups or staged acts – this is all pure and if followed correctly, you can do the same with your dog.


By watching the videos, you will see the exact tone of voice, body language, cues, and gestures Dan uses in order to get the dogs to not only listen, but respond as well. This isn’t something you can just get from reading a book or viewing a web site. If you have a dog or if you plan on getting a dog, this program, Free Dog Obedience Video Course, by Dan is highly recommended.

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